Incorrect Email Addresses in WVU+kc


Information Technology Services recommends that all WVU+kc (Kuali) users check the WVU Online Directory as soon as possible to ensure that your email address and other information is correct. Mistakes in this data could result in you not receiving system email notifications from WVU+kc. To submit corrections to your Online Directory information, please use this link.

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ORIC Spring/Summer Newsletter 2016

I would like to inform you of a new edition of the ORIC newsletter. This edition, that can be found here, contains news on several items, including:

•        IRB and IACUC site audits for gaining accreditation in their respective organizations

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WVU+kc IRB Questionnaire Updates 5/27/2016

ITS sent a message out last week informing you that the questionnaires for IRB protocols were in the process of being updated. All of the changes to the questionnaire sections have been made. Please be aware that these changes will affect all protocols created before these changes were finalized, including amendments and renewals to an existing protocol. Unless you are submitting a brand new protocol, we recommend that the first thing you do before making any changes to a protocol is to update the Questionnaire sections. In order to identify the sections that need updated, navigate to the Questionnaire page and click the Expand All button. All of the sections that need updated will have the message “Questionnaire Update Status: Update Required.” Update all of these sections prior to entering any new data. For additional instructions about updating questionnaires, see Questionnaire Page Validation Error.


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WVU+kc IRB Protocol Questionnaire Updates 5/19/2016

The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance and ITS would like to inform you that the questionnaires for the IRB Protocol module are in the process of being updated. There are changes that have already been implemented and many more that will be done over the next few days. These changes will affect all protocol types and should be apparent to all customers in the process of submitting an IRB protocol, making requested revisions to a protocol, or submitting an amendment or renewal. You must update all questionnaire sections that have been modified to the newest version before you can submit your protocol. For additional information about updating questionnaires, see Questionnaire page validation error article in TeamDynamix. We appreciate your patience as we implement enhancements to the IRB protocol questionnaires in order to clarify questions and improve display logic.

If you receive an incident report while trying to submit your IRB protocol, please refer back to the Questionnaire page to ensure all sections of the questionnaire have been updated and completed.  Once these are completed, you should be able to submit your protocol with no issues. 

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WVU+kc IRB Updates 5/1/2016

There was an update of the WVU+kc system over the weekend of April 30, 2016.  The main purpose of this release was to increase system performance for the IRB Protocol module. Users should expect to experience a noticeable improvement in the time it takes to search for protocols and when navigating from tab to tab within a protocol.

 IRB Protocol

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Welcoming a new team member to the ORIC

Johnathan Herczyk, MPH, is a Human Subject Research IRB Administrator in the West Virginia University Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC). A graduate of West Virginia University’s School of Public Health, John focused on Epidemiology and worked as a graduate research assistant at the WVU Injury Control Research Center.  His efforts were focused on projects relating to prescription drug misuse and abuse in West Virginia. 

John also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA.  While a student, he worked as a teaching assistant for General Biology Laboratories, Human Biology, and Histology.  Prior to joining the WVU ORIC, John worked as a counselor for juveniles placed into residential treatment programs.    

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