WVU+kc Login

Use your WVU Login username and password to access WVU+kc (Kuali), the electronic research administration tool, used to submit human subject research protocols to the WVU Institutional Review Board for review. A protocol document is comprised of multiple tabbed pages where users can enter information about their human subject research, such as personnel and procedures. Each page features tabbed sections that can be expanded and collapsed independently in order to complete the required information.


Training is required before you will be able to create an IRB protocol in WVU+kc. Submit a request to Information Technology Services (ITS) to request IRB protocol creator access. Upon submitting your request, you will be provided with a link to this training video that explains how to submit a protocol, create and submit amendments/renewals, search for protocols, and other various functions of the IRB Protocol module.

For more information about submitting human subject research protocols in WVU+kc, see the IRB Protocol Module FAQ article.

Customer Support

Technical questions about using WVU+kc, such as receiving an error message or unable to upload an attachment, should be directed to the ITS Service Desk at (304) 293-4444 or ITSHelp@mail.wvu.edu. Questions about required content in your human subject research protocol should be directed to the ORIC at (304) 293-7073.