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If you have any immediate questions or concerns regarding your Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure or training, please contact Joy Edwards at (304) 293-5475 or

Federal regulations require the University to manage any potential conflicts of interest through an appropriate management process which is initiated and generally resolved through disclosure.

An investigator is anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research, regardless of their title or role on the project or the receipt of funding (this definition includes adjunct faculty, students, volunteers, subcontractors, consultants, collaborators, research coordinators, research assistants, and other research staff).

For conflict of interest in research disclosure purposes, the PI is responsible for determining who they consider to be an “investigator” using the above definition. Please call our office for further guidance on the matter, but as a general rule, any person listed as a PI or a Co-I on a project or protocol, is considered an "investigator".

Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure

Those considered to be WVU Investigators are required to file a disclosure at least annually, and on an ongoing basis within 30 days of discovery or acquisition of a new financial interest. Further, Investigators should review and make any necessary revisions to a disclosure:

  1. With each new, continuation, or revised grant or contract application submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs,
  2. With each new protocol involving animal or human subjects, and;
  3. When there is a new or previously unrecognized financial interest not previously reported.

Please access the WVU+kc portal to create or update your Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure.

Institutional Conflict of Interest Disclosure (This is NOT for Research)

Earlier this year, the West Virginia University Board of Governors (BOG) adopted BOG Governance Rule 1.4 – Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Outside Consulting, which provides guidance on real and perceived conflicts of interest – both in general and in the context of research activities.

The rule also offers guidance on the solicitation and acceptance of gifts by WVU faculty and staff and defines when it is permissible to enter into consulting arrangements with third parties outside of a faculty or staff member’s employment with the University.

In accordance with the rule, certain University Officials are required to submit annual disclosures on significant financial interests they or their family members hold. As a reminder, “University Officials” is defined within the rule to mean:


·         University Board Members

·         President

·         Campus Presidents

·         Vice Presidents

·         Vice Provosts

·         Deans

·         Associate and Assistant Vice Presidents and Provosts

·         Assistant and Associate Deans

·         General Counsel

·         Director of Internal Audit

·         All employees within the Office of Technology Transfer

If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your annual disclosure form  before the July 31 deadline.