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IRB Fee Schedule

IRB fees apply if your study is sponsored by a private or industry sponsor. Fees do not apply when your study is government agency, non-profit, personally-funded, or WVU-sponsored.

Standard fees are $2,500 for initial application reviews, $1,000 for continuing reviews (renewals), and $500 for major amendments. Standard fees for expedited initial review is $1,000 and $500 for continuing review (renewals).

Private/Industry-sponsored clinical trials that are reviewed through private, for-profit IRBs, must pay an initial administrative fee of $1000 for each protocol to WVU, in addition to the normal review fee to be paid to the private, for-profit IRBs. Only phase II through IV studies are able to go through any private, for-profit IRBs. For all phase I clinical trials, normal WVU fees and procedures apply.

Administrative Fee Table

Submission Type Industry/Private Funded using WVU IRB Industry/Private Funded using private for-profit IRBs Non-Industry Funded
Initial Review Full Board - $2,500
Expedited - $1,000
Exempt - $0
$1,000 $0
Continuing Renewal Full Board - $1,000
Expedited - $500
Exempt - $0
$0 $0
Major Amendment Full Board - $500
Expedited - $0
Exempt - $0
$0 $0
Minor Amendment $0 $0 $0

For questions about the IRB fee schedule, please contact our office: (304) 293-7073.

Last updated on 04/01/2018