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Protocol & Amendment Submissions

Submission of protocols

IACUC protocols must be submitted to in MS Word Doc format, with the main form and appendices submitted separately or combined as one file, on or before the 15th of each month if the protocol (all category E) will be reviewed via full committee review which occurs on the first Wednesday of each month. If a protocol is received which is categorized as either B, C or D, it may be reviewed via the designated member review process which does not occur at an IACUC meeting and the review begins within three days of receipt.  However, ANY protocol can be requested to be reviewed at an IACUC meeting for any reason.

Please be sure to read the instructions for completion of the protocol forms.

Submission of amendments

IACUC protocol amendments must be submitted to All changes must be incorporated into the currently approved IACUC protocol Word Documents and highlighted. Be sure to remove all previous highlighting. If you do not know what Word Docs constitute your currently approved IACUC protocol, please contact the IACUC Office. All amendment submissions only need to include those forms which were changed (i.e., those which have highlighted sections) and a brief summary which must include a description of the amendment and a rationale/justification for the requested changes. Due dates for protocol amendments are the same as described above for protocols.

Please be sure to read the instructions for completion of the amendment.