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WVU+kc IRB Questionnaire Updates 5/27/2016

WVU+kc IRB Questionnaire Updates 5/27/2016

ITS sent a message out last week informing you that the questionnaires for IRB protocols were in the process of being updated. All of the changes to the questionnaire sections have been made. Please be aware that these changes will affect all protocols created before these changes were finalized, including amendments and renewals to an existing protocol. Unless you are submitting a brand new protocol, we recommend that the first thing you do before making any changes to a protocol is to update the Questionnaire sections. In order to identify the sections that need updated, navigate to the Questionnaire page and click the Expand All button. All of the sections that need updated will have the message “Questionnaire Update Status: Update Required.” Update all of these sections prior to entering any new data. For additional instructions about updating questionnaires, see Questionnaire Page Validation Error.


Some of the changes to the IRB questionnaires were significant and will result in loss of data even if you indicated that you wanted to save your answers. You can copy and paste questionnaire answers from older protocol versions by searching inactive protocols via the advanced protocols search. For instructions on searching for inactive protocols, see Access an Old Version of an IRB Protocol. Please be aware that new protocols with the status of Pending/In Progress will not have old data to recover.


We apologize that these questionnaire changes may cause you to re-enter data; unfortunately, this is a possibility when significant changes to questions and the question display logic are made. If you need assistance updating your questionnaire sections or accessing inactive protocols, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or