May KC Update

IRB Protocols

  • Logged in user will only see protocols that they have rights to view/edit in search results.
  • Personnel
    • Will now be able to see when a person was added to a protocol (e.g., A002, R004).
    • Primary assignments must be selected for personnel on Full Board protocols indicating one or more activities the person will be conducting: recruiting, consenting, data collection/analysis, procedures, regulatory personnel, and/or study coordinator.
    • Person name will display in red or green to indicate if there is additional information required for that person, similar to Questionnaire complete/incomplete.
    • Will be able to indicate that a non-WVU employee is an affiliated Principal Investigator.
  • When a person is deleted from a protocol, their permissions will be automatically removed.
  • Clarified error messages.
  • All sections that need updated on Questionnaire page will be opened by default.
  • File name will automatically populate into attachment description and attachment status will default to complete when bulk uploading documents.
  • Email notification changes:
    • Reminder email will be sent to requested approver (e.g., PI or departmental chair) if IRB protocol has not been approved two weeks after initial request.
    • Email will be sent to PI and aggregators when amendment or renewal is submitted and then once it is approved.
    • 25 and 50 day reminder emails sent to PI, Co-I and aggregators when a protocol has been sent back for revisions but has not been resubmitted.
    • Email reminder to PI for protocols that have action pending for 60 and 120 days; after being inactive for 166 days email notification will be sent to inform PI that protocol will be deleted.
    • 70 day reminder email sent to PI that a protocol was Returned to PI requesting revisions.