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CITI Training for New Trainees

CITI Training for New Trainees

When accessing the CITI website via the WVU ORIC website page, researchers may see a new message on the CITI website.  CITI is seeking to identify if the trainee is a brand new user  of the CITI program or if they have existing account under a different username that needs to be merged with their WVU account.  Trainees logging in for the first time should utilize their WVU institutional credentials (WVU MyID).

If  this is your first time logging into CITI program, you should choose “I don’t have a CITI program account and need to create one.” Your new account will automatically be set up with your WVU username and password, so that when you login in the future using your WVU credentials, you will be automatically directed to the main menu of your CITI account.

If you previously had a CITI account (either a personal one or from a different institution), you should select “I already have a CITI program account.” You will be prompted to enter the CITI username and password of that account and then that account will be linked to your WVU SSO credentials. After this one-time setup process, you will be able to login using your WVU credentials and be automatically directed to the main menu of your CITI account.